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NEOKOSMOS is a dark sci-fi story about children who are raised in almost total isolation as part of a mysterious experiment by an alien species. It is intended to be read like a storyboard, or as individual keyframes of an animated film! You can navigate between panels by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or by clicking the images.

(Beware, this list may contain spoilers!)


Amber Cragg - @egomatter

Co-creator, Head Writer, Storyboarder, Pencils, Character Design

Amber Cragg is a professional storyboard artist, currently boarding for Steven Universe. She lives with her wife and two cats in California.

Shelby Cragg - @shelbycragg

Co-creator, Head Writer, Lineart, Colorist, Character Design

Shelby Cragg is a professional illustrator, currently working at What Pumpkin Studios on Hiveswap, the Homestuck video game. She ALSO lives with her wife and two cats in California.

Adrienne Garcia - @paperseverywhere

Animator, Motion Design

Adrienne Garcia is a professional animator, also working at What Pumpkin as an animator for Hiveswap. She ALSO lives in California! Wow.


James Roach - @hamesatron

Music, Page 870

Toby Fox - @tobyfox

Music, Page 550

Josephine Sheppard - @sugarglassy

Editor, Writer

Amaet - @amaet

Character Design


David Turnbull - @traceexcalibur

Our webmaster guy, who updates the site for us.

Matthew Gray

Designed the site!